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From pesticides and mulch to tree planting and sidewalks, Little River Lawn & Landscaping is here to assist you in creating an ideal outdoor space for both functionality and appeal.

Since 2006, our team of skilled lawn and landscape specialists has been providing quality services to clients with all types of residential and commercial properties. We always take your budget, space, and vision into consideration to improve your property and create the look you want.

With free estimates, friendly service, and years of professional experience, you have nothing to lose! Contact us directly to discuss your next lawn or landscape project.

Lawn Care And Landscaping Services

There are many reasons to hire a professional Lawn Care & Maintenance company to take care of your business or home! We've been providing our services for years, and have answered many of our clients' questions along the way. Some of those questions include:

"Why should I hire a professional Lawn Care Company?"

When you hire Little River Lawn & Landscaping, you are getting a team of turf specialists and landscaping experts that not only determine the problems in your yard but can also recommend the best way to fix them! With so many products, techniques, and suggestions on the market - you always want to hire a professional company like Little River Lawn & Landscaping.

"Why do different parts of my yard look better than others?"

Every lawn is as unique as the property owner. You may be dealing with different soil types, shade vs. full sun exposure, or even varying types of grass. These are typically the most common reasons for a noticeable difference in one part of your lawn over another.

a tractor removing debris from limb clearing

Whether you want your business properly trimmed, mowed and taken care of, or if you're looking for a fresh new landscape design for your home - Little River Lawn & Landscaping is here to help!

With affordable rates, friendly service, and years of experience, we know that you'll love the quality of work we provide. The health of your lawn, shrubs, and ornamental plants will thrive!